Primark Candle Haul

I have to admit when I went shopping I wasn’t expecting to come back with as many candles as I did! Living in a flat as a student means using the heater as little as possible as it is so expensive to keep on. Especially as we have to pay for our own electricity now, and the flat being as expensive as it is means spending needs to be kept to a low. Which for me isn’t great, as I get cold so easily and I love to me nice and warm.

Usually I have a hot water bottle and candles lit, but just before Christmas I had ran out of candles. Primark is usually a good place to buy candles as they are cheap, some smell really nice, although some are awful and they are quite pretty candles.  So I excitedly got to the home department where the candles are kept in Primark and picked up the selection of candles you can see above.

Now when smelling the candles I surprisedly only liked one of the smells this time, I don’t know whether the scents have changed but I was a little disappointed. But the one I did like was a Vanilla and Coconut one, which they had in every candle, which was great for me, but meant I went a bit over board in the buying of candles. Holding them awkwardly because I hadn’t got a basket to carry them in.
This first candle is great because it does last a long time and has 3 wicks, which for some reason makes me believe it will make my room warm up quicker… I love this one though because it is quite different and I think changing up the style of candles in my room makes it look so much nicer.  

Sweet Vanilla and Coconut scented candle, 3 wicks (Burns up to 28 hours) - £3

I then saw these little tee lights that were only 89p for 30 candles and I’m pretty sure this must have been an offer because that is extremely cheap! Especially as each tee light burns for 3.5 hours.  I decided that buying these would be useful to put in the 3 wick candle once that had burned out and to just place the tee lights where the wicks were but also being able to reuse the circular white pretty tin that it came in.

Sweet Vanilla and Coconut scented Tee Lights – 89p

Now this little box set of three I’d say was the most expensive for what it was. They are little tinned candles which all are Vanilla and Coconut scented but two of the candles have a dark blue wax and one has a dark red wax. Also they are pretty cute with the patterns around the side, which is why I brought them as I thought they would look like nice and cute in my room especially putting a bit of pattern in the mix of candles I brought. These candles each burn up to 5 hours, which is great for the little size that they are.

Sweet Vanilla and Coconut scented patterns candles- £3

This last candle I loved because it’s basically a candle in a jar that has a little handle, which I thought, was adorable.  The great thing about this candle is that it burns for 40 hours and again wasn’t’ that expensive. Buying this candle I thought would go great with the collection I had already brought and I could put a tee light in once it had ran out.

Sweet Vanilla and Coconut Jar candle - £2.50

Then I just thought I’d light them to show you what they all looked like. I love the smell when they are lit, it makes my room smell like holidays; well for me it does anyway! It also gives my room enough light to see but makes it look so nice and cozy and it does actually warm my room up!!

If your thinking about buying candles I think Primark is a great place to go to, if anyone knows any great places to buy candles that aren’t too expensive please let me know below as I love any sort of candle and it is going to help my room stay nice and warm.

I'm a bit of a candle lover as you may tell.

Gaby xo
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  1. We need a primary in the states!

    1. You do! It can sometimes be great and sometimes be not so goo but it is so much cheaper than other shops, you can get some very good deals!

  2. Great scent choice! Vanilla & Coconut is by far the best smell!
    I have the tea lights but now I'm tempted to buy the 3 wick burner!

    Lovely post

    1. I love the scent, it was the only one I actually liked! The 3 wick burner looks pretty cute when its lit! Thank you!


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