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I wish I looked like this cleaning...
Living in a flat as a student is a total nightmare sometimes and the image built for a typical student is that student accommodation is usually very messy. Which is 99% true! Moving into student accommodation in my first year of university meant that I would have to share a flat with other people and clean the flat myself. Which is not like being at home, where your parents (well for me anyway) cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. But having moved away to university I would have to clean myself. Which I was most definitely not looking forward to doing. Now some student accommodations have cleaners and unfortunately for me neither accommodations I have lived in do…unlucky for me.

When it comes to cleaning I feel so disgusting, I feel like I’m cleaning the germs onto myself and my hands always feel so unclean after using bleach sprays etc. I always end up washing them loads for the rest of the day until I feel clean again. (Very weird I know)

I am now in my second year at university and I still hate cleaning. It is pretty normal to have about 10 bin bags left tied up waiting for someone and praying that your flat mates will take them out. Walking into the kitchen with everyone’s pots stacked up so there is 0 forks left. Or hoping that someone will clean the cooker or hoover. However it had got to the point where I felt that flat needed cleaning and if I wanted it cleaning I probably should do it myself and if I’m honest I have moments where I go into a cleaning mood where I play very loud music and sing a long as I go.

I spent a good hour and half cleaning today, hovering, taking the bins out, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen area. It did actually make me feel a lot happier with the flat and especially a lot cleaner. I was pretty proud of myself for putting the effort in and now I feel like I have had a successful day.

The reason for writing this post was just to generally put across that cleaning is not a task I like to do, usually gipping at pulling the hair out the plug because being a girl and living with girls, all having long hair is a nightmare for the plugs. But I wanted to say how; although I didn’t want to do it at the end of it I felt a little happier with life, knowing my room and flat were all nice and clean.

This might not be a very interesting blog post, but it was something I wanted to write about and something that is very very random.

Gaby xo

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