Deleted My Blog Nightmare

As I was trying to make my blog pretty and perfect I ended up changing my blog address, which I never knew would end up messing my whole blog up where my blog couldn't even be found! After hours of trying to get it back and not getting anywhere I decided to just create a whole new blog and luckily enough I saved my posts so I have just reposted them onto this blog.

I have managed to loose all my follower and I was in such a stress but it is now 12.10am and I have finally got most of it back to how it was!!

I will try not to mess around with it too much so then I don't have to go through it all again. Just none who ever has Blogger change you blog name, I'm telling you it's a disaster.

Anyway it's best I go to bed now and rest for my day tomorrow studying, but I just thought i'd let you know incase you wondered why I had changed my blog!

Only me huh!

Gaby xo
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  1. Oh my I know the struggle. I'm currently on wordpress and I find it so difficult to customise my blog. How do you find blogger otherwise? p.s I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading various posts, you have such a lovely writing style.
    Sofija xo

    1. I feel stupid not knowing how to use it! i have been you tubing tutorials though so hopefully in time I will become better at using it! Awh thankyou! xo

  2. Oh wow! I have been thinking about changing my blog address but now I'm definitely not doing it. Thanks for sharing!


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