The Perfect Affordable Casual Bag

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If I'm honest when it comes to choosing bags I hate it. I am quite a small person and some bags are just way to big for me and too much of a nuisance!

I also have this problem when choosing bags that I don't want a bag that will take people out as I walk past them because that happens a lot and especially being at university, I feel like someone’s going to turn round and whack me back.

Recently I have a thing for dark color’s and when deciding on a bag I prefer to go for a black bag as I think this color is pretty easy to match with any outfit you wear.

Spending loads on a bag for me wasn't going to happen because I usually break them or want a new one quite quickly as I end up hating the ones I choose pretty fast. I didn't really want to go over the price of £40 for a bag, especially as a student I really don't have the money and especially when the money could be used to go out and party or eat food.

I have been looking for a bag for quite a while now, my agenda was one that was easily accessible (mainly so I don't take ages getting my things out in a lecture, or so in the shops at self checkouts I could run in and out quite quickly without having to faff around zipping and unzipping) so something without a zip but still quite safe. I didn't want a small bag where I couldn't fit anything in but nothing to big either as like I said I’d take people out with it. Also needing to fit in notepads and my laptop.

Other than that I was pretty easy on the bag. The bag I finally made my mind on was a black bag from Urban Outfitters. (ALWAYS A BONUS WHEN STUDENT DISCOUNT IS AVAILABLE)

It's very handy as a handbag should be! It’s got just the right amount of space and is easy but not too easy to get into. The bag has a magnetic button that secures the bag together which you can easily open when in a rush and has a mini zip purse that can attach to the bag to put the more valuable things you want to keep safe in.

I adore this bag, its great!!!! 

Urban Outfitters 
Price: £35 minus student discount.

Gaby xo
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1 comment

  1. Lovely bag! :)
    Alex //


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