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Netflix is my lifesaver, I have to say I spend most of my life on Netflix, watching TV series or films, so I thought, what a brilliant idea to do a post on what series I personally like. Those that are absolutely worth watching. If you don't have Netflix it is definitely worth paying for, £5.99 for a month of being able to watch a huge variety of films and TV Programmes, is in my opinion fantastic. The best thing is that Netflix is starting to get a lot more of a selection of film and TV Programmes that you can watch, so even better!

Pretty Little Liars
This is one of my favourites tv shows of all time. Pretty Little Liars is about a group of 4 girls who are blackmailed by an unknown blackmailer. A dark storyline but still has the typical teenage girl theme.

Orange is the new Black
Hilarious, this programme is an emmy-winning, original Netflix serious and is based on a women who lives the high life, who ends up in prison, when a past crime she has committed is brought back in her life.

 The Vampire Diaries
When two teenage vampires Stephan and Damon (both gorgeous!) fall in love with the same girl, Elena. Once I had started the first season I was hooked and the great thing is 5 seasons are on Netflix.

House of Cards
I have only just started this series and loving it so far! This emmy-winning series is based on Congressman Frank Underwood, who wants to overpower Washington D.C. 

When a college dropout persuades a big time lawyer to hire him, even though he has never studied law in his life. I have only just recently started loving tv programmes to do with law, this is one which isn't just about the serious side of law it has other story lines in also.

The Tomorrow People
At the moment The Tomorrow People doesn't have may seasons out, however I was hooked when I started watching it!! This series is all about a young group, that have special powers but also has a fantastic story line.

Love, love, love this series; Homeland. Hooked. Brody, a returner from war is suspected by a CIA of being turned into a secret terrorist against his own country by Al Qaeda.

I had only just found this series recently, which is all about a police officer who ends up traveling back to 2012 with a group of terrorists. With this series you do have to concentrate to understand what is happening but it is very good.

Prison Break
All time favourite. I have to admit this is one of my favourite series of all time! I only watched this about a year ago, finding it on Netflix I just couldn't stop watching. There are a lot of episodes to get through but I managed it very quickly I was that hooked. The title pretty much sums up the idea of the series, just go watch it... you have to.

Gossip Girl
If your a girly girl you will absolutely love this series. This is all about an anonymous blogger that tell's the story of young teenagers in New York City. Again this has a lot of episodes but definitely worth the watch. Personally I loved this.

Loved it that much I still have the box set! When brother and sister, Dixon and Annie move to a different high school, their lives turn in to non stop romances and drama. 90210 is one of the older programmes but is still very good.

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul 
Breaking Bad was a huge hit and a recent one. It's easy to say nearly everyone I know has watched this series. A teacher who finds out he is terminally ill decided to start making crystal meth with an old student he used to teach, so if he died he could give his family enough money to live off. Some of the episodes do get a bit boring but then they pick up again. Then very recently the TV series, Better Call Saul, started which is based from Breaking Bad, so if you enjoy Breaking Bad, this is a series to watch which is linked.

White Collar
Another favourite of mine, a former prisoner, decided to work with an FBI agent to help solve other white collar crimes, instead of spending another 4 years in prison. Again I love this series because it's not all serious it has humour to it too. 

This blog post is just a random one, as one of my favourite things to do is watch TV!(Being a student and all ) 

So I thought I would insight you all on those that I personally like, I guess you know a bit more about me, well my TV taste. (Which is very wide)

Gaby xo
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  1. I adore Netflix, it is such a life saver! PLL and Gossip Girl are two of my favourites, and I really want to start watching Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad!

    ellie etc

    1. You have to they are very good especially Orange is the New Black!!

  2. Great picks! I love watching series on Netflix when I just want a day to relax. My all-time favourite program to watch is Friends - I'm not sure it's on Netflix though.

    1. Friends isn't on Netflix but that is also a good one!

  3. Oooh, there's a couple on here that I actually haven't seen! Very excited.

    xoxo Alison

    1. Some new series for you to watch then! xo

  4. Still catching up on Pretty Little Liars; I'm a little bit behind & am avoiding social media until I watch them!

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. Yes stay off social media or it will be ruined! It gets very good!

  5. I love suits so much. I think I might try out white collar this weekend too after reading a little about it here! Thanks for the suggestions!

    Rae | love from berlin

    1. I love White Collar, I definitely recommend it!!

  6. I was looking for new shows to watch, being a student and all ;)
    I love gossip girl, pll, tvd, 90210, orange is the new black - all the girly stuff haha! Might start suits / continuum soon.
    Thanks for the little snippet of recommendation on each show :D

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. I watch some many series! Your welcome! Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do!! x


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