Cheltenham Races

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At the beginning of this month I was given the opportunity to go to Cheltenham Races free of charge. However unfortunately for me that would have meant a 4 hour train journey, right in the middle of my assignment period. So I had to decline the offer. I did however get asked to write a post about what I would wear if I were to go. Therefore I am writing this blog post on a couple of outfits I would wear not only to the Cheltenham races but also to any races.

I know this post is a bit late as the Cheltenham races was actually today but I have been very busy with university work, but I thought writing the post would be useful for anyone who doesn’t know what to wear to the next races they may go to.

 There are a variety of looks some not too expensive! I love these looks as they all come across as smart, which I believe is the look for the races!

You could pair these outfits up with a nice pair of colourful heels and a nice clutch, and as usually seen you could add a hat or a nice headband with something fancy on!

Gaby xo

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