Applying for an Internship

Found this picture on the internet. I AM TRYING.
NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK..... Is what comes straight to my mind when I think of applying for internships, which is the exact reason for writing this blog post. To have a little rant about how stressful it actually is.

In my third year of university I have to complete 20 working days of placement to go towards my credit for my degree, if I do not complete 20 working days then I fail. Which is never ever a brilliant option. I know it is only February at the moment and I can complete it within a years time, but seriously, its not that easy to find one.

I have contacted; in my mind every place possible and have not had any luck.  Studying media and journalism means my work placement can entail anything within them two options, which is very large.  But I have no experience expect from my work I have done at university. I know it’s a positive and a big advantage but I choose last minute to study media and journalism.

I have recently become Secretary of the fashion society at my university and involved within the PR part of the society too, but overall the experience I have is very little, which is probably a main reason as to why I am not getting anywhere.

The lecturers I have, make you believe it is as easy as pie to get a placement, IT IS NOT. DEFINITELY NOT. Including the failure of finding a placement at the moment, I also have assignments to be doing, so I have to spread my time between looking for a placement and assignment work. Sttrrreeeessssssfulllll.

Another thing, which is annoying, is that usually companies want you for a year and the problem with my course is it is only for 20 working days.  I mean, only to make it even harder!

So to all fellow students/future students look EARLY and hopefully you’ll have more look than I am having right now. Good luck.

Just needed a little moan about being so unsuccessful with finding a placement. OOPSSSY.

Gaby xo

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  1. I've always wanted an internship. Currently in Canada there's this huge debate about whether or not they should be paid. I guess because of the economy and competition among us students its harder to find a placement, especially when it comes to freelancing and journalism. Best of luck finding a placement :) Andrea |

    1. Yes definitely! Awh thanks, is there anywhere you would suggest in Canada that would be good for an internship?


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