Pancake Day!!!

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 Definitely Me!!

As you all may know it is Pancake Day on Tuesday, so I thought I'd right a post about my pancake day!

If I’m honest I only started making my own pancakes last year when I had moved to university, so when I realised I had to make a pancake I wanted to make them like my parents do at home. If i couldn't be at home then I needed to learn how to make them as tasty as my parents did! I rang my mother up and as she laughed down the phone at the fact I didn't know how to make a pancake and then she told me how to do it. I have to admit when it comes to cooking anything in the world I am a total disaster, cooking lessons are definitely needed. 

Last year on pancake day me and my flat mates had decided to go to the local Sainsbury's to but our ingredients. My flat mates wanted to get pre-made mixture, while I was 100% sure I wanted to create my own. However we hadn't realised how quickly the ingredients for Pancake Day even golden syrup, would go. It looked like every student had left it last minute. So we headed to Morrison’s thinking its not a local shop they surely will have plenty left. However that shop had just about ran out of anything to do with pancakes. My flat mates grabbed the pre made Betty Crocker mixture and I grabbed the ingredients needed to make my very own pancakes. Last year I must admit I was a total expert on making pancakes and the mixture my flat mates got was a disaster so I ended up making not just me pancakes but my flat too. (What I can say, I'm a professional pancake maker)

This year I have decided that I will make my own again, as it wasn't too hard last year. After the low stock last year I have prepared myself this time and got my ingredients the weekend before. So down to making the pancake. (YUM) So the ingredients you will need are:

4 ounces of flour (half a cup)
Pinch of salt
One egg
Half a pint of milk
Thin slice of butter

Making the pancake...

Firstly crack the egg into a bowl and whisk. Once whisked add the flour, pinch of salt and milk. Whisk all the ingredients together so the mixture is nice and smooth and try to get all the lumps out.

Then I put a nice slice of butter in the frying pan and let it melt nicely. I then move the butter around so it covers the area of the frying pan so my pancake doesn't stick!!

Next, pour enough of the mixture in to the frying pan, enough to make the right size pancake you want. Now I like big thin pancakes to I usually move the frying pan around so the mixture fills the frying pan, but not putting to much mixture in or it will end up too think, unless you want a thicker pancake. 

Let the mixture cook for a while until it start to form, you will notice that it will probably stick a little so just shake the frying pan backwards and forwards and you can use a spatula to turn the pancake carefully over, letting the other side of the pancake cook. 

Once the pancake has cooked for a bit you can try flip the pancake!! (This is definitely the bit I look forward to doing) Let the pancake cook on the other side again and just keep repeating until you pancake is nice and lightly brown. 

You can then put it onto a plate and add your toppings. I personally love golden syrup on my pancake. I dribble it all over my pancake then roll my pancake up and dribble it over the top again.

I also like sugar and lemon. 

You could use a variety of things; what ever tickles your taste buds really! Nutella, Orange and sugar, Maple Syrup, Bananas or you could even just put sugar on it or eat it plain.

AND there you have it, how to make a pancake. I usually eat so many pancakes that I don't want any dinner but I love pancakes so I do get excited for Pancake Day!!!

Hope you all have a yummy scrumptious pancake day and fill those bellies with lots and lots.

Gaby xo  

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