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As part of my university degree I have to complete 20 working days of placement, this is so we get to experience what it is like in the industry. I study Media and Journalism and I have just finished my second year, so fingers crossed that I pass! This means my placements need to be something to do with media and journalism, obviously.

Last week I completed my first week of experience, this was at a PR company in Leeds, I decided to do one of my weeks in PR because one of my third year modules is PR and I have been told that PR would be great to get into. Before I started my placement I had no idea what PR was and luckily for me one of my days I was given a full break down on what is expected in a PR company, which I haven't learnt yet, so this was very helpful!

Throughout the week I was given various jobs to do, one being writing blog posts for different company's and one of the blog posts that I had wrote was supposed to be based on technology, however I hadn't realised this and had wrote a general blog post instead (oops).

Anyway I haven't been posting recently on my blog because I have had assignments and exams to do then my placement was about an hours drive from home so I haven't had any time to write anything on my own blog. So because this blog post wasn't right and I produced a new one that could be used I thought I'd put this one on my own blog. It isn't very relevant to what I usually write but content is content so sorry if it's not very interesting.

The blog post will be attached as a new post rather than attaching it to this one, so go check it out and you never know it might help you out!

Gaby xo
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