The Botanist, Newcastle

This year I celebrated Valentines Day with my boyfriend a bit later on in the month, being at university sometimes means we don’t get the chance to go out for food. So for my late valentines gift from my boyfriend he had booked a table at the new restaurant in Newcastle, The Botanist.

Now before going I had heard so many good things about this restaurant and how popular it was. How on a current occasion certain celebrities to visit and how generally how busy it is all the time. Even though it had just opened I couldn’t believe how much people talked about it, so I was eager to go.

The Botanist is pretty much booked up in advance and most weekends are fully booked, however we had managed to book a table on a Friday at a decent time of 7pm.

The restaurant is situated above Jamie Oliver’s Italian near the Monument and to get into the restaurant, there is a side door down the street. Now I have to warn you, there are so so so many stairs to climb to eventually reach the restaurant. I mean there was a lift but being 19 years old I felt it would make more sense to use the stairs (While I’m young and can actually get up them). However after getting half way I was knackered! It was like a workout, I definitely deserved my meal after the amount of stairs there was.

Once you get to the top the restaurant décor is so beautiful, the ceiling of the restaurant is in a dome and in that dome are cute little fairy lights! The interior was garden like, which I loved! And there was a huge bar! We were seated on a high table with quirky high chairs, which for me was a total nightmare getting on and off the chair as I’m only a small girl!

Before going to The Botanist I had previously looked at the menu to see what options there was, so I pretty much had made up my mind as to what I was going to have before I even got there.  The service from being seated to being asked for our drinks orders was pretty quick. I ordered a large coke, which in fact was Pepsi and my boyfriend ordered a Budweiser. Once our drinks came our food order was taken now it was a Valentines gift so I was definitely going to go for my 3 course meal, what can I say I love food!

For our starters we had both ordered the same, which was the pan-fried garlic mushroom. This starter was absolutely delicious!! There was just the right amount of garlic not too much and some caramelised onions came at the bottom of the mushrooms! The crusty bread that also came with the mushrooms was very nice and tasted very fresh, which for me I loved. The pan-fried mushroom came in a cute little garden spade, which added to the look of the restaurant.

Next time for my starter although I loved the mushrooms, the pork scratching caught my eye, so I definitely have to give that one a try!!

Once we had finished our starter our plates (well shovels) were taken away quickly and our main course arrived not long after. For my main I had decided to go with the half chicken (peri peri), there was the option of bbq chicken but I decided on the piri peri sauce. My half chicken came in a wooden box, with a side of seasoned fries and a little glass bottle with piri piri sauce in. The chicken was very tender and I loved the seasoned fries. I would absolutely recommend the chicken to all the chicken lovers in the world.

My boyfriend ordered the deli board, with the deli board you can choose 4 toppings from a list and then any more than 4 you are charged an extra fee of £2.75. On the deli board he had chose the Mustard seed and red cabbage coleslaw, Caesar salad, Cured Parma ham and Roast ham. Which looked tasty, if you wanted a smaller meal than this would be a fantastic option. This one I think I would try if I was to go again or the Hanging Kebabs, which looked very popular, and there are a few options as to what kebab you could choose for example chicken, beef or halloumi.

I was determined to get the desserts, as this has to be my favourite part of any meal, I am obsessed with desserts. I ordered the sticky toffee pudding, usually I'm a fan of the hot chocolate fudge cake, but recently I have started going for the sticky toffee puddings if that is an option on the menu. This sticky toffee pudding came with a scoop of ice cream and it was like a spoonful of heaven, it was the perfect way to end my meal. I would definitely recommend the sticky toffee it is lovely.  It also comes on a cute little antique plate!

Chocolate fudge cake was what my boyfriend had ordered, which I did try and that was also very nice, which I would probably want to have the next time I go, so if you’re a chocolate fan, that is your best option.

While we were eating there was in fact a live singer too, which went so nicely with the atmosphere of the restaurant and was a nice little touch rather than the usual background music played from a CD player like most restaurants.

I will most definitely be going back to The Botanist, if I can ever manage to book a table in time! I would honestly recommend it and if you live near one, I would recommend you to give it a try I know that there are other Botanist restaurant in Leeds, Manchester, Chester, Birmingham and Alderley Edge.

Gaby xo

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