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I follow so many Instagram users, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that promote healthy lifestyles. I scroll down my news feeds and it is full of healthy recipes, 5 ways to get abs, how to get a better bum, what not to drink, and so on...

Recently, I have started looking at these posts and thinking, hmm, maybe I should be living a healthier life. I went to America in the summer to work and when I got back I had definitely put on weight! To be honest I started looking at all these 'Health' posts and thinking, I need to start exercising and eating healthier.

As a student it is so hard to exercise, especially in such a small area of living space and being on a such a low budget means it is very hard to get healthy food because it is so expensive.

Being a student also means lying in bed all day watching Netflix and stress eating because you know exactly how much work you have yet to do and haven't even attempted to start an assignment because you find something else you want to watch. Or you decide to go for a quick 20 minutes power nap, which ends up being a good 4 hours, even though you woke up at 12pm.  I think it's pretty obvious that my lifestyle isn't very 'healthy'.

I constantly complain about my photo's, "Ew look at my belly", "Why is my face so fat", "Why do I look Pregnant?" "Maybe if I do a couple of sit ups before going out, I will magically get a flat stomach?"

So I am writing this blog post and will carry on writing on my blog about my change of lifestyle. I am aiming to exercise more and eat healthier (In the hope to loose a little weight) but at the same time having cheat days too.

I feel like writing on my blog about what I do each day, may remind me that I am doing this for a reason and to maybe show those of you out there (maybe like my 1 reader) that even those of us who hate exercising, eating healthy and are in fact quite lazy (myself) that it is possible to get off our bums and do something about it.

Fingers Crossed!

Gaby xo

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