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Ok, so as I said I would here is another Artist that I constantly listen to when it comes to listening to Country music. This post isn't going to be too long, but it's better than nothing!

Carrie Underwood I adore! I love most of her songs but a few I prefer are Jesus Take the Wheel, Before He Cheats, Change and Cowboy Casanova.

When discovering her, it was exactly the same as my first Artist/Band I mentioned... Rascal Flatts. Always asking for her CD to be put on in the car while we were on holiday in Orlando. Who doesn't love a bit of country girl.

The thing I love about Carrie Underwood is that her songs are very powerful, having some songs which are those you listen to when you are sad and need to pour your heart out to music. Then there are those songs which make you think you indestructible.

Carrie Underwood is also so unbelievably pretty. Girl crush.....

Listening to these songs makes me want to be a country gal so so much, cowboy boots and hat, I mean I would love it, but we can all dream!

Gaby xo
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