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I'm a failure of a blogger.

So it came to the time of year where you want to start doing something new, in my case blogging, but then you end up being ridiculously busy. In December I ended up having quite a few university assignments that were due, so my time was obviously spent making those as perfect as I could (although probably was also a fail... we will see...). I then went to London with my family for my fathers birthday (which was great) but again didn't have the time to post anything. Then Christmas came which I get really excited about so instead of trying to blog I sat and ate. Although not being too lazy as I also have a part time job while being home which makes me become a total sloth when coming home from work. 

I have now realised how much of a fail my blog became and have decided to get my life into shape and begin again. 

I will be posting about my trip to London with my attempt at taking some photos and about my Christmas period. 


Gaby xo
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