A Little Trip to London

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As I mentioned in my earlier post I visited London for a couple of days in December, the reason for this was for my Dads 50th birthday. 

The trip began with an early start, so while we waited for our train in York station me and my siblings decided to get a costa coffee to keep us going. I am a huge fan of coffee and it gives me a little hype for the day. As you can see I ordered a large cappuccino and it came with a little pretty snowflake on the top (chocolate), which I love to scoop off the top. It was such a little cute pattern that I thought I must take a picture of. 

Now when booking we were trying to get a cheap deal, which in the end turned out to be a bit of a disaster, as we trekked off the metro and walked for a good 30 minutes after to get to our Premier Inn. Now I will never do that again because when you have to wheel a suitcase with not just your own stuff but with your sisters and brothers things in, it just wasn’t a good idea. 

On the night we had booked to go see the show Les Miserables that I had previously seen on a school trip to London when I was in probably year 8, so obviously being quite young.  At this point I had not understood the plot of the show, however when the film came out with Anne Hathaway in, I watched it and I absolutely loved it and managed to understand it clearly because I had grown up. 

I was therefore very excited to go see the show in London since loving the film.  Before the show we went to Jamie Oliver’s Diner, where I had ordered the pulled pork and sweet potato chips and a coke. The pulled pork and sweet potato was absolutely gorgeous! I love pulled pork and sometimes I get a bit worried that it wont be as good as my mums she makes at home, now this didn’t beat my mums but it was very very tasty. Once we filled our bellies we went for some quick shopping for some Christmas presents, then headed towards the show which started at 7.30pm.

Now every time I go to a show I always worry that someone tall will sit in front of me so I cant see or I will get someone sat by the side of me that eats there snacks really loudly (which I cannot stand). However I managed to get a great seat, which was actually right in the middle o f the lower circle, so a fantastic view!

I enjoyed the show a lot even though desperate for a wee near the end of the first half. I also managed not to cry at the end of the show like I did in the movie. Now if anyone hasn’t seen the show or the movie I would definitely suggest it, it isn’t just for fun but it also very educational and is a superb watch, definitely worth the money it costs to go see the show. The amount of goose pimples I got throughout the show was unbelievable and the cast were great singers, I definitely have to go watch it for the 3rd time! 

For my evening out I decided not to go too smart so I wore a baggy black t-shirt from Topshop which I managed to get in the sale and some navy trousers with white lines on which were from Boohoo, paired with a pair of black medium sized heels. I loved this outfit because it was a comfy one that didn’t irritate me throughout the show, yet fashionable at the same time. These trousers are quite hard to match tops with however which is the problem I have when wanting to wear them, this is why I decided to go for a plain simple t-shirt, which didn’t over complicate the look. 

During our little look around London we stumbled across a nice little romantic/cute area with little lights that made a path towards a group of trees covered with fairy lights. So I decided to take a picture of the moment because it was so cute. It looked like we were looking at loads of stars in my mind.

Altogether I had a fantastic time in London and managed to fit in some shopping in the morning before getting the train home at lunchtime. The stay was only for one night but we managed to have a lovely time and I’m sure we will be back. 

Gaby xo

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