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When it comes down to listening to music I am a country girrrrl.  I usually keep what music I listen to, to myself because I feel like when it comes down to music you are judged by what you listen to. Most people’s reaction when they find out that I love to listen to country music are usually “how can you like that”, “It’s too emotional to listen to, why would you even listen to something like that”, “It’s so boring”. I think you get the gist of the reactions I receive from this genre. When I say I love country music I think people automatically assume that, that is all I listen to, in fact I listen to all sorts of music genres, I just love country.

As I’ve been sat here thinking what I should blog about, as I did just create this blog thinking it would be easy when in fact it is very very hard. Thinking of something to write about, that viewers would be interested in as well is actually a hard job. So I decided some people would like certain things that others may not; just like my music choice.  This is why I have decided every week until I can’t think of any more artists I like I will write about some of the country Artists/ Bands I like. This will also help with showing what I like and a bit more of what I am all about.

So firstly I would like to let you all know how I got into country music. As a family we would visit Orlando every year as a family vacation, we just absolutely loved it; we couldn’t get enough of it. While visiting here we used to go to Downtown Disney where there used to be a Virgin Media Store, it was huge. Unfortunately that had gone the last time we were there, which was very sad as we used to as a family all find an album we would want and then listen to them in the car. In the store there were little stations with headphones next to an album where you could listen to the album to see if you like it before buying it.  Which is where my love for country began, the first album being Rascal Flatts.

For this weeks Country artist I have therefore decided to go with Rascal Flatts. Most of you will know this band from the film, Cars singing ‘Life is a high way’. Rascal Flatts are an American Country/pop rock group. My favourtie songs are Changed, Come Wake Me Up and Here Comes Goodbye. I guess most of the songs are quite sad songs, that you like to listen to when you’re in a down mood, but I love singing my heart out to them. 

I’m not going to write loads about my favourite country artists just a short amount of writing, just so you guys can go and have a listen and see what you all think. 

If anyone has any band or artists they think I’d like, feel free to comment and let me know.

Thank you for reading and I’ll post again next week on another artist/band I like.

Gaby xo 
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