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Let's be honest everyone has sometime in their lifetime thought about whether we are the only planet to have life on or whether there are any other planets that life is possible or in fact if there is life. Well I know I have. 

Interstellar is about the near future where the earth is dying, causing extreme scarcity in food and climate change. A group of explores must travel beyond the solar system to search for another planet that may be suitable for life. Cooper the main character must decide between saving the future of the human race and even his children or to spend that little extra time on the dining earth.

To be honest with the amount of posts I had seen posted on Facebook and other networks and just listening to my friends talk about how good Interstellar was I decided to stop being such a lazy student and get out of bed to go see it.  I had heard that the film itself was long but having popcorn and a soda I decided I'd be able to sit and watch it.

My initial thought when the film finished was "WHAT...I'm so confused", now I don't know if that is because it's just me but I did find the film rather complicated, well certainly the ending of the film. This movie is one you have to watch, you can't just loose concentration for a minute or two or you'd definitely get lost/

However the film was very very good. I absolutely loved it, I am that type of girl who loves such wide range of genres and for me I can't beat a good film about space. From growing up and visiting Orlando for my vacations, we would travel as a family to go look around NASA and watching two Shuttles/Rockets launch when I was younger, I have always been interested in these types of movies.

I love basically any movie that has Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey (Cooper), every movie they are in, let's be honest they are just great, so I already had a biased opinion on this movie.  McConaughey played his role of Cooper extraordinarily good; we feel everything he feels, his remorse, his fear and his ambition to see his children.

This movie is extremely sensitive and raises many questions while watching it. What would you do? Would you leave you children behind? Would you save the world? And of course there are plenty more questions you ask yourself when watching.

The music in the movie is by Hans Zimmer, which adds that little bit, more beauty to the movie itself.

The image and sound that is created in Interstellar is just breathtaking, it real is. It provides us with an almost real life situation and gives the movie a great atmosphere.

It is easy to say Nolan makes us feel so many emotions. 

Gaby xo
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