The Hope of Exercise

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For me feeling comfortable while exercising is a huge deal. I never really liked to exercise because I used to run in flat pumps that had nothing to them at all, making my feet hurt an awful lot.

I purchased these Nike Free Runs after hearing so many positive opinions on them and of course after doing a huge amount of research into what running shoes to get. I did think maybe they were so popular because they are Nike, but I fell in love with them straight away!

These Nike Free Runs are so comfortable and are very very light to wear. The way these trainers are made, unlike when wearing other trainers,  gives a nice air feeling to them when running. Which of course helps with sweaty feet, which is never nice when taking off your shoes and being self-concious that everyone can smell your feet!

The reason for choosing a salmon colour was because I love the colour pink (the girly girl I am) and I wanted something quite bright and snazzy. I then choose grey laces just because I liked they way they looked on the white and salmon.

Although these shoes are quite pricey, I was definitely impressed at this buy and if you are wanting to feel comfortable while running or doing exercise I would suggest to anyone to purchase these shoes.

I did also buy this hoping that buying a pair that wasn't that cheap would help give me the motivation of doing exercise while sitting in bed watching Netflix all day, because them day's are just the best.

Gaby xo
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