EOS My New Favourite

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EOS has definitely got to be my new favourite Lip Balm!

These two flavours of EOS are my favourites so far.
I also own a Purple-Passion Fruit and an Orange-Tangerine.

As a child I used to only use Vaseline and becoming older and shopping for my self I stumbled across EOS and automatically swapped and started using these bad boys.

The shape of these are perfect to just be able to quickly apply on the lip and you don't have to put your finger in it!! Hate it, so unhygeneic.

The twistable lid is also an easy feature of the EOS lip balm, just a simple twist and your lip balm is ready to use.

The taste of these, after occasionally licking my lips after putting it on (like when I was a little kid with the skittle lip balms) is actually quite nice. The flavour of each EOS lip balm is very obvious and I like that you can actually smell the flavour they are.

Leaving your lips smooth and smelling gorgeous and extremely tasty!

What any girl wants!

Gaby xo
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