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I really need to maybe start taking photography lessons!
For Christmas I got some little things to try and make my skin better as I am one of those who suffer from extremely dry skin and recently I became ill and have a few scars on my face from it. So after doing some research I decided that I’d try out these 3 products.

Now a lot of products for the face don’t seem to work for me, or they make my skin even dryer or I end up with a huge break out (which any girl hates) after using this for almost a month now I think all 3 products are fantastic!

To do this routine it does take up some of your time but if you need something that helps your skin you have to find the right solution and stick to it, which in this case is the solution for me.

As you can see all 3 products are from lush and the three products are:

1.Eau Roma Water- Tonner Water. This product is great for rehydrating the skin, which in my case is exactly what I need. I use this after taking my makeup off I spray a couple of squirts onto my face enough to cover it but not absolutely loads, then leaving it on for a couple of minutes to soak in. I then wash it off and apply my next product.

2.9-5 Cleansing lotion- After washing off the Eau Roma water I then get a cotton wool pad and put a small even amount of lotion on my face and rub it in, this helps cleanse and clean my face, again leaving this lotion on for a good couple if minutes. I then wash it off and apply the last product. 

3.Imperialis- Facial Moisturiser. This product smells so so nice; it consists of cocoa butter, tiger lily and orange flower cream. I rub this in an upward motion and again leave for a good couple of minutes. I then wash it off and spray one last spray of Eau Roma water onto my face and leave it on over night.

The pricing of these products is not that cheap however because of the effect I get from it I am willing to pay the amount the price of each product are:

Eau Roma Water- £7.95
9-5 Cleansing lotion- £5.10
Imperialis- £13.50

So now you know my skin routine, if anyone know any good skin products or routine for dry skin feel free to comment, as I would love to hear some other methods from you all! 

Gaby xo
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